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Tietoukan blogi
• My main blog in Finnish. Several of my climate news roundups have been published also at Sääasema ("Weather Station").
• Blog articles are available for subscription via this feed.
Tietoukka Monitor
• My climate change blog in English.
Tietoukka's Backstage
• My "behind the scenes" blog. (Currently inactive.)

There are various ways to connect with me online:

Twitter - microblogging
My profile.
• Are you interested in science news? My Daily science selection Twitter list exists for you.
Flickr - with my photos mainly from 2000-2022
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• Photos by others: my favorites.
YouTube - with my videos from 2010-2024
• My My profile.
My channel. Most of my own videos show some ordinary life of common birds in the city of Helsinki. Other animals, weather phenomena, and nature in general, are also important topics. Finer details (playlists) are available at http://www.tietoukka.space/youtube-playlists-of-my-own-videos.html.

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I've donated computing power to BOINC projects: ClimatePrediction.Net, SETI@home, Cosmology@home, Rosetta@home, World Community Grid. You too can assist scientists with their research projects!

Other activities:

Stories written by me, published in the Fifi web magazine and/or in the Voima magazine

N.B. In the case of the climate news roundups, I strongly recommend reading the personal blog versions. They contain updated links now!